September 19, 2023
Toronto Chapter Let's Talk Healthy Soils
Are you interested in soil health? Be sure to come out on Thursday, October 12 for a discussion on soil and all the components that keep it healthy.

Hear from experts on soil, including Glenn Monroe from the Compost Council of Canada, and Jocelyn Molyneux, founder of Wastenot Farms.

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glenn monroe

Glenn Monroe
Compost Council of Canada

Glenn serves as the Soil Health Program Advocate for the Compost Council of Canada, involved in the design and implementation of programs which link the action of organics recycling with the soil.

Included in his program work are: implementation of SOIL SAFARI (an interactive educational program open to all ages), video recording of local compost/soil health advocates to serve as examples for others to emulate and follow as well as spearheading speaking engagements to organizations such as garden clubs and farming organizations.

He is the author of a Guide to On-Farm Vermicomposting and Vermiculture and co-author of the recent publication: Recruiting Soil to Tackle Climate Change.

He is a former Senior Policy Advisor to Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, where he managed the soil and agriculture file. He has an academic background in biology and environmental science and has 40 years of experience in government, consulting, and the not-for-profit sector.
Jocelyn Molyneux

Jocelyn Molyneux
Jocelyn’s Soil Booster

Founder of Wastenot Farms Inc, Joceyln developed Jocelyn's Soil Booster as a way to give growers the tools to build healthy soils. She holds a Master’s degree in Applied Environmental Science and Management. Jocelyn has more than a decade of experience in waste management, sustainability, and regenerative growing and is truly passionate about finding and implementing solutions to the planet’s most pressing environmental issues.
rhonda in the garden

Rhonda Teitel-Payne
Toronto Urban Growers

Rhonda Teitel-Payne came to the field of urban agriculture through a background in social work, specifically community development. As Co-Coordinator for Toronto Urban Growers since 2013, Rhonda balances policy work with developing on-the-ground urban agriculture projects in partnership with the City of Toronto and neighbourhood-based agencies. She also teaches in the Urban Agriculture Certificate program at Toronto Metropolitan University and collaborates on the Toronto Urban Farmer Training program with Seneca Polytechnic. Prior to her role with TUG, Rhonda coordinated and managed urban agriculture and other community food programs for 14 years at The Stop Community Food Centre. She keeps her hands in the dirt in her own urban jungle in East York.